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Beta Information
Vanguard - Saga Of Heroes

We are excited that you'd like to help us with beta testing for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes! The following information should answer all of your basic questions about how to get in and what the process is. As we go through the various testing phases, we'll add more people and we'll update the information. If you have any questions about becoming part of the Vanguard community, please contact [email protected]

Are you in open beta now, so that everyone can jump in and play?
We are currently in closed beta with a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which means that players who are chosen aren't allow to disclose anything about the game or to even let outside people know that they are in the beta. We do have a secure area of our forums where beta testers can discuss the game and give us valuable feedback.

How do I get into the beta?
Potential beta testers are chosen at random from the registered users of our forums (, so feel free to register and become a member of our community.

I'm a reporter. Can I get in to the beta?
We occasionally give sneak peaks to the press, but we are not yet allowing members of the media to be in the beta on their own. If you have a specific press-related inquiry, please send an email to [email protected]

How will I know if I've been chosen?
We send small batches of invitations on an irregular basis so there is no way to tell for sure if or when you will be selected. If you are selected though, you will receive an email from a Microsoft address with the subject "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Beta Invitation". Your best chances of getting chosen are to be an active, registered member of the Vanguard community.

What if my email is incorrect or if I just registered for the forums?
If the e-mail connected to your forum account is outdated or your forum account is currently inactive, e-mail [email protected] Please include your forum name, all relevant e-mail addresses and a description of the problem you have. Once we have completed the process of getting the emails sent to registered forum members, we will go back and resend those for whom the email address has been updated and people who joined after the announcement.

Once I have completed the application, how soon until I am playing Vanguard?
Completing the application process is no guarantee that you will get into Beta. And if you are selected, don't expect the process to be overnight. There will be a number of steps for you to complete and the process takes a little while. You might even be asked to participate in a phone interview.

Will everyone on the Forum eventually get into Beta?
That's highly unlikely until we do an open Beta. We will continue to add as many people as we need throughout the Beta process, and our first choice will always be to accept community members first.

How will you go about selecting participants?
Once you have submitted your application, your name will be added to a list of potential participants. Each week, we will add the needed number of people from that list. Sometimes, they will be chosen based on our specific needs for testing (for example, we might need more testers that play during a particular time of day) and sometimes, names will be chosen pretty much at random.

What about people that won Beta spots at Fanguard or as a contest prize? How is that any different than the rest of the people that are invited?
The difference is that the winners of these contests will be selected for participation right away. Assuming they meet all of the requirements of participating in Beta, they will be processed and into the program very soon. They will not have to wait or hope to get picked.